TINO LIVE MUSIC is an artiste training and management company co-founded by two talented and dedicated celebrity instructors, Tino & Fang Jian De (Jay Chou’s personal dance instructor), with more than a decade of experience and active involvement in the music and entertainment industry.

TINO LIVE MUSIC also provides various opportunities for students to showcase their talents and gain exposure.

Students and artistes they have collaborated with include celebrities from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China; such as Jay Chou (Zhou Jie Lun), A-Do, JJ (Lin Jun Jie), Rynn (Lin Yu Zhong), Hong Jun Yang, KingONE (Wang Chuan Yi), Lin Zheng Hao, Wu Chun, Hayden (Huang Jing Lun), William Soo (Su Yong Kang), Yong Bang, Ruby Siu (Xiao Xiao), Nan Quan Mama, LARA, Alan Ko, The Drifters, Lollipop, Hey Girl (Group), Jeremy Yang Jia Cheng, etc.

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Singapore Office: +65 6222 3032
Email: info@tinolivemusic.com